Windows Phone 7 vs Android

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Last week, I posted this tongue-in-cheek suggestion. Prediction*: iPhone5 & Samsung Galaxy S 3 to have IDENTICAL hardware. Battle of the OS / ecosystems! *Well, wishful thinking! — Terence Eden (@edent) April 26, 2012 Wouldn't it be great if there was a proper show-down between the two major players? You could really compare which OS…

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Brilliant! Bigger Battery Boosts Business

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You may have heard of "Range Anxiety". It's the worry that your car will run out of petrol before you have a chance to find a filling station. I have "power anxiety" - the crushing realisation that my smartphone's battery will be dead by lunchtime if I use it for more than five minutes. Over…

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What Exactly Is The Point of a Tablet?

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This was going to be a Sponsored Post from ebuzzing - but they rejected it. Can't think why... I think I'm turning into a Luddite. I see all these shiny tablets and... I just don't want one! Don't get me wrong, I drove myself crazy trying to get an HP TouchPad because a) Massive discount…

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Mobile Badvertising: Samsung Galaxy S

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In this Mobile Badvertising series, I regularly pick on the Guardian.  I don't have anything against them - they're my favourite mobile news resource.  It's such a shame that the advertising they have on the site is atrocious. Samsung Galaxy S The Galaxy S is Samsung's latest Android handset.  There are so many Android phones…

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