YoreComputer – examining 1980s popular computer culture

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Dense blocks of Machine Code printed in a magazine.

There’s a lovely Twitter feed called Yore Computer – run by Rob Manuel, it randomly tweets out scans of 1980s computer magazines. A wonderful mix of nostalgia, dated references, primitive graphics, incompatible file formats, and unrealistic promises by advertisers. Here are a few of my favourites that I’ve spotted. Behold! The comment section – hasn’t…

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Would anyone be interested in a retro-tech conference?

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The best ideas occur while drunk, don’t you agree? Having just attended the blisteringly brilliant Hackference Brum, a bunch of us were drinking in a pub and chatting about how focused on the future most conference are. There’s rarely any time to reflect on the past. That got me thinking… GENIUS (drunk) idea. Retro conferences.…

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