Doctor Who and Red Dwarf are part of the same universe. PROOF!

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Tardis and starbug.

This is a minor obsession of mine. The crew of JMC Red Dwarf are familiar with 20th Century pop-culture – but they never mention Doctor Who. Why? In various episodes they talk about The Flintstones, Casablanca, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel & Hardy, and all sorts of TV shows. But Doctor Who is strangely absent. There can…

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How to become an award-winning cosplayer on the cheap

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Me dressed up as Rimmer from Red Dwarf..

I love cosplay. Or, rather, I love the utter joy which leads people to dress up like their favourite characters. This is the story of how I won 2nd prize in a beauty contest for dressing up. It seems to me, there are three ways to find success with cosplay: Be pretty and coat yourself…

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