Our competitor was a dud - and we still lost

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BBC Headline talking about the competition.

Nine years later and I'm still bitter - and that's an unhealthy emotion. So I'm blogging as a form of catharsis. Back in 2012, I was taking the fledgling "QRpedia" project to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We had a cool little invention - stick a QR code on a museum exhibit and when a…

A New Life for QRpedia

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The QRpedia project I helped found has gone from strength to strength. It's now in more museums, towns, and art galleries than ever before. It's helping open up exhibits to people in hundreds of languages. That said, I've not been able to devote as much time as I would like to - nor have other…

The Engagement Economy

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I was recently interviewed in The Guardian talking about the use of mobile phone in cultural institutions - museums, libraries, galleries, etc. I was talking about the QRpedia project I co-founded. During the course of the interview, a phrase fluttered into my head - "The Engagement Economy." It wasn't a phrase I'd heard before -…

Museums Showoff

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This was the sign that greeted me as I made my way into The Camden Head for the first Museums Showoff... Now, I've no idea why I was the headliner - but I certainly wasn't going to complain! Museums Showoff is a spin-off from the popular Science Showoff. The idea is that ten speakers come…

A Year of QRpedia!

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An email from FourSquare this morning reminded me what I was doing a year ago today. I spent the morning at The British Museum doing the first public experiments with QRpedia. This is a video of the historic occaision. So, here's a quick run down of what this volunteer-lead project has acheived in a single…

QRpedia - We Made The Shortlist for Most Innovative Mobile Company!

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We're incredibly excited to announce that QRpedia has made the shortlist for the Smart UK Project! We are searching for the UK's Most Innovative Mobile Companies. Our aim is to celebrate UK innovation and showcase the best examples of UK mobile innovation. We'll be presenting at the competition in January - if we make the…

QRpedia - Custom URLs

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This blog post is designed to foster a technical and logistical discussion. In much the same way as the earlier QRpedia language discussion did. One of the most requested features in QRpedia is to have custom URLs. For example, the British Museum may want a URL of "bm.qrwp.org". This has two main advantages. Better analytics.…

QRpedia video at Fundació Joan Miró

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As you may know, the Miro Exhibit is fully equipped with Catalan compatible QRpedia codes. Here's a great video showing off the exhibit: You can jump straight to the two-minute mark if you're just interested in the QR action.

QRpedia in Indianapolis Woman Magazine

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Lori Philips has been interviewed by the Indianapolis Woman Magazine. A great article discussing the role of the Wikipedian in residence and how QRpedia codes have taken off there.

QRpedia Video

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Beautiful video about the work Derby Museum has been doing with Wikipedia & QRpedia. Derby Museum using multilingual QR codes from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo. In 2011 Wikipedians wrote and translated 1200 new articles to allow the museums objects to read in over a dozen languages using QRpedia codes.