QRpedia - We Made The Shortlist for Most Innovative Mobile Company!

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We're incredibly excited to announce that QRpedia has made the shortlist for the Smart UK Project! We are searching for the UK's Most Innovative Mobile Companies. Our aim is to celebrate UK innovation and showcase the best examples of UK mobile innovation. We'll be presenting at the competition in January - if we make the…

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More *Real* QR Statistics

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There was a lot of interest in my recent post about TfL's QR statistics. Today, I present to you three very different QR codes and their statistics. These are all taken from the Metro newspaper on Tuesday January 10th. Wowcher First up is "Wowcher", a big quarter page advert on page 28. Wowcher's statistics show…

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Real QR Statistics from TfL

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Last year, I suggested that TfL should use QR codes to point to their excellent mobile countdown service. Looks like someone was listening! I spotted this poster at a tube station. Nestled in the corner is a QR code pointing at the mobile bus countdown service! This is a close-to-perfect use of QR. Points to…

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TSA's QR Statistics

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The TSA have come under fire for many things. Most recently, Fred Trotter has called them out for using a "dummy" QR code which leads to a page the TSA don't control. An astonishingly lax approach to QR use. Last year, I noticed this QR code as I passed through San Francisco Airport. The code…

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British Transport Police - Pickpockets QR Code

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Terence Eden specialises in helping organisations craft amazing QR campaigns. Contact Terence for a consultation Wander around the London Underground and you're likely to see safety posters from the British Transport Police (BTP). This is the first one that I've seen with a QR code on it. It's a fairly good poster. A good call…

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Kneel Before Your QR Master

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You know what I love about the streets of London? The pavements are so clean. Many is the time I crawl around on my hands and knees - rubbing my trousers into the walkways of my beloved city. Hardly anyone kicks me up the arse, either. You feel the same way too, don't you? What?…

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Xbox QR Code - Proof that MS Tag is Dead?

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I've never been a fan of Microsoft's proprietary 2D barcode system. With the latest news that their tag reader and creator will support QR codes, it looks like the writing is on the wall for the multi-coloured blobs. Further evidence of this can be found on Microsoft's latest XBox poster which contains a rather prominent…

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Bit.ly Considered Unsafe (for QR Codes)

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(After Ben Metcalfe's post on the the vb.ly sage). As a mobile Internet consultant, companies often ask me which QR generator to use. There are many worth considering, but I always tell clients to avoid bit.ly. The security of Libya Internet organisations are probably not an immediate concern (you did know that's what .ly stands…

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Maplin's QR Code Mistakes

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Maplin, the UK technology retailer, is experimenting with QR codes in its Tottenham Court Road store. It's a very mixed bag which deserves equal measures of praise and criticism. Here's a typical product display stand with QR code placed on it. There's no "call to action". Nothing to say what the code is, how I…

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Windows Phone 7's QR Scanner

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I think that WP7 is one of the first phone operating systems which natively has a QR scanner built in. It's rather hidden - you have to go in to search (not camera) then click the eye icon. However, it is one of the fastest and most accurate scanners I've ever used. It knocks Android…

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