Occupy QR Codes

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I was tweeted an interesting link the other day – We Don’t Make Demands. They have a set of posters for the “Occupy Movement” which incorporate QRpedia codes. These posters were designed by participants at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. They are in the public domain. You are welcome to print…

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Tracey Emin, Cambridge University, QR Codes, Statistics and Bit.ly

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I spend yesterday wandering around London and, as is my wont, spotted some QR codes which I think may interest readers of this blog. Tracey Emin The Hayward Gallery are having a Tracey Emin retrospective. At the start of the exhibition is this rather odd QR code. Why odd? Three main reasons. It leads directly…

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QR Business Cards and Moo.com

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An edited version of this paid-for post appeared at Moo.com on the 7th of June QR codes are awesome! I mean, you may think your moo mini-cards are pretty funky – but they’re nothing without a QR code. Why do you hand your card over to someone? You want the recipient to plug your contact…

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You Are Too Stupid To Use QR Codes Correctly

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In one of my previous “day jobs” I used to deal with bug reports for a major application. While there was the odd genuine problem or poorly designed bit of UI, the majority of the “bugs” were PEBCAK – aka people so unbelievably dense they couldn’t work out that print button does nothing if you…

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OpenTech 2011

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Another year, another OpenTech. I found last year’s OpenTech conference to be awe-inspiring. This year’s was equally good. This is a quick rundown of the sessions I attended that I found particularly interesting.

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Charity QR Codes – A Missed Opportunity?

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QR codes are an awesome free resource for charities. Sadly, they are often misused. Charities can use them to drive SMS donations – here’s a quick example of how this works. Sightsavers Sightsavers is an incredible charity, working hard to combat blindness in developing countries. I’m picking on them only because their poster caught my…

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Ubiquitous QR Codes

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How Popular Are QR Codes? One common complaint I hear is that QR codes are just too obscure. I don’t think that’s true. Aside from continual use in newspapers and magazines, they’re all over the city. Here are a few examples that I snapped while walking around London.

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RBS Treat QR Codes Like They Treat Our Cash

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Oh RBS! Is there anything you touch that doesn’t turn to shit? You take our money, lose it, then pay it out to yourself. Still, at least your latest advert contains a QR code. Bet you haven’t managed to screw that up. Oh… On the back page of the 25 February 2011 edition of the…

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Email Via QR Codes

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The Metro have been on quite a QR splurge recently – this is their latest effort encouraging people to write in to the paper. On the surface, it’s quite a simple idea – yet Metro have needlessly complicated it. The Process The simplest process would be Scan Code Send Email That’s not what Metro have…

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Wall Street QR Code – Some Comments

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Seen in the latest issue of Sport Magazine – this rather interesting QR advert for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. This is a really well executed campaign which should serve as a template to other advertisers. There are, of course, one or two issues that I have with it. Let’s start by zooming in to…

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