A (Minor) Twitter Privacy Bug?

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Quick Summary Twitter's secure API hides the contents of the tweets you are reading. But it doesn't hide the images of those you converse with. Raised as Issue 2175. A Bit More Detail Twitter has a secure (HTTPS) and insecure (HTTP) API. When calling the secure API, all the content of the returned message (tweets)… Continue reading →

Vodafone Exposes Users' Email Addresses

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(Disclaimer - I used to work for Vodafone. I don't any more.) A rather nasty flaw with Vodafone's "My Account" service was recently pointed out by Denny de la Haye. Vodafone will quite happily tell you the email address of any customer who has set up the "My Account" facility. Ugh. @VodafoneUK's website exposes my… Continue reading →