Put a test-card at the start of your slides

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A test card is displaying on a television screen

I do a lot of talks and presentations - sometimes in boring conference centres, sometimes in pubs, and occasionally in the middle of a field. One of the things that I've learned is the audio-visual equipment is unreliable. The colours can be off, the projection can be blocked by detritus on stage, or the screen…

Promoting With 💩

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One of the hardest things about attending conferences with multiple tracks is deciding which talk to go to. @hackferencebrum is breaking my heart, 2 amazing talks by @supersole with Servo and @etiene_d with my lovely Lua at the same time! #hf2016 — 👩🏻‍💻Karina Popova (@kary_key) October 21, 2016 If your friends are talking opposite each…

Lessons From FameLab

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A couple of weeks ago, I was a finalist at FameLab Oxford. I won the "Audience Choice" award - and was placed in the "Wildcard" category for a place at the National Final 🙂 OMG! Just won the audience vote at the #FameLab final. Thanks guys ☺#ScienceFTW pic.twitter.com/bWWQGk7unC — Terence Eden (@edent) March 6, 2015…