Cryptography and the Coventry Problem

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There’s an ethical conundrum which is often posed to military strategists and philosophers alike. In 1940, the Nazi’s communications encryption had been broken by the British. Military Intelligence were able to decrypt a signal which indicated that the city of Coventry was to be bombed. The military chiefs took this information to the Prime Minister,…

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Operation Weeting: Voicemail Interception Confusion

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I don’t usually get involved in legal blogging. I am not a lawyer, and I find the finicky details somewhat hard to follow. That said, I do appreciate how (most) judges in the UK write their judgements in a relatively clear and unambiguous manner. Jack of Kent today pointed out the recent judgement on Operation…

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Solar Update

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Another in my occasional series of blog posts about our solar panels. We used both the Energy Saving Trust Solar Power calculator and the Europa Solar Calculator to estimate a generation capacity of between 2,500 and 2,700 kWh per year. We’ve just done a reading for 21 November to 21 February. Right in line with…

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Votes For Children

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Eric Joyce MP has written about why he doesn’t think the vote should be extended to 16 year olds. While I’ve admired his stance on digital rights, I disagree with him and his reasoning on this issue. This isn’t about whether young people are able to understand the issues, or whether they are taxed without…

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A Kickstarter for Political "Donations"

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A few years ago, I went to a recording of Mark Thomas’ “Manifesto” radio show. Members of the audience can suggest humorous changes to the law and society that they would like to see enacted, and the rest of the audience votes on whether they’re good enough – or funny enough – to be in…

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If You Have Nothing To Hide… You Still Have Something To Fear

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One of the most pernicious memes is “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” It implies that the only reasons for opposing a law is that you would find yourself guilty under it. The phrases is, I think, a contender for a new form of Godwin’s Rule. Any discussion about laws…

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What If They Gave Us Capitalism – But Nobody Cared?

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What if they gave a war and nobody came? Why, then, the war would come to you! — Bertolt Brecht The current Conservative Government (and their Labour predecessors) are obsessed with the idea of competition. Their theory is that competition lowers prices, improves services, and makes the world more efficient. The free market will arrive…

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The Eye Of The Storm

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I want to clear up a small misunderstanding Yesterday, I Tweeted: #PICONF12 Andy Smith says "never use your real details online" – Martin Hewitt not looking best pleased. Nor the other MP in the room. — Terence Eden (@edent) October 25, 2012 In the space of a few hours, the story was on the BBC:…

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Councillor Carl Thomson's Deleted Tweets

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Regular readers will know that I think Woking Council’s subsidy of curchgoers is ridiculous, illegal, and unfair. It’s an issue I’ve raised with local councillor Carl Thomson in writing and on Twitter. A few days ago I entered into a discussion with him online about the issue. He has since deleted the tweets. But, as…

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And THE LORD sayeth "Thou Shalt Give Free Parking To The Faithful"

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My local council, Woking, have found themselves in a spot of bother recently. It has emerged that they are subsidising parking charges for specific Christians churches. If you belong to a different church, worship a different god, or just want to go shopping, you have to pay for parking. The total subsidy was at least…

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