Build your own "On This Day" page for WordPress

A graphic of a calendar showing the date "February 25 Sunday"

I blog. A lot. Too much really. One of the things I like to do is see what I was rambling on about this time last year. And the year before that. And so on. So, here's my On This Day page and here's how I built it. WARNING Extremely quick and dirty code ahead! […]

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Adding restaurant review metadata to WordPress

Screenshot of a user interface which allows the entry of data.

I've started adding Restaurant Reviews to this blog - with delicious semantic metadata. Previously I'd been posting all my reviews to HappyCow. It's a great site for finding veggie-friendly food around the worlds, but I wanted to experiment more with the IndieWeb idea of POSSE. So now I can Post on my Own Site and […]

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Howto: Disable image pop-ups in WordPress comments

An mshots popup obscuring the screen.

If you have the Akismet spam plugin for WordPress, you'll be familiar with this problem. When your mouse pointer goes over any URL, you get a large website preview taking over parts of your screen. I asked for a way to turn this off and I'm happy to say the developers listened! Sadly, there's no […]

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