PDFs are the Cheques of the 21st Century

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Cheques (checks if you’re American) are an amazing legacy technology. Invented in the 17th Century, they immediately transformed the financial landscape. They allowed anyone to transfer both vast and trivial sums of wealth with ease. Whole industries grew up around them – one of my first jobs was programming binary loadlifters repairing computerised cheque-readers –…

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Help! How do I extract 3D objects from PDFs?

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You know how the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is neither democratic, nor particularly for the people, nor a republic? Yeah, so it turns out the “Universal 3D” format is pretty far from Universal! A little backstory… The Europeana Carare Project has some gorgeous 3D scans of ancient monuments and heritage sites. The only problem…

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Releasing a PDF eBook is Like Writing an iPhone App – and I don't mean that as a compliment!

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The unsurpassed guru of mobile phones, Tomi T Ahonen, has released his latest book for free! The book, “The Insider’s Guide to Mobile”, is an invaluable guide to anyone in the mobile industry. I’ve read through a few pages of it and it is smart, funny, useful and a hugely important tome for anyone in…

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