A QR Specification For Mobile Payments

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BitCoin and other crypto-currencies are gaining popularity at the moment – but I remain firmly convinced that they’re too hard for the average person to use. I have, however, watched with interest as an ecosystem grows around them. In particular, I like the way The Pirate Bay (and others) have used QR codes to facilitate…

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Paying for Parking via QR Code

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Update: A version of this article appears on Sophos’s NakedSecurity blog Last year I blogged about how easy it would be to pay for parking via QR code. Now it looks like Islington Council have partnered with Verrus to make this a reality. But is it any good? Well…. nearly. Let’s take a look. The…

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Voluntary Paywall

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Almost a year ago, I postulated a way to turn the tables on the News International paywall. After playing around for a bit, I discovered that it was easy to block The Times from reading a blog, but I couldn’t find an easy way to disable the paywall on receipt of payment. So, I’ve set…

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