You Can’t Be Banned From The Houses of Parliament✱

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I was listening to the excellent RHLSTP – because I am one of the cool kids – when the guest, Richard Bacon, made a curious confession about his adventures bringing News Bunny to the State Opening of Parliament. I got a letter from Black Rod – who runs both houses […] and it says that…

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The Unsecured State Part 1 – UK Parliament XSS Flaw (Disclosed & Fixed)

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This is part 1 of a series of blog posts looking at the security of the UK Government’s web infrastructure. The UK Parliament website is pretty great. It houses a huge amount of historical information, lets people easily see what’s happening in the Commons and the Lords, and is run by some really clever people.…

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A Kickstarter for Political "Donations"

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A few years ago, I went to a recording of Mark Thomas’ “Manifesto” radio show. Members of the audience can suggest humorous changes to the law and society that they would like to see enacted, and the rest of the audience votes on whether they’re good enough – or funny enough – to be in…

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Rewired State – UK Parliament 2012

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This weekend, I went to Rewired State’s Parliament hackday. I teamed up with amazing front end designer Max Bye and statistician par excellence John Sandall to create a data visualisation of Parliament’s Demographics. Are the houses representative of the people in terms of gender diversity? Are the Labour Party younger than the Conservatives? Are the…

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Helen Goodman MP is "Particularly Stupid"

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I remarked earlier about Helen Goodman MP and her total lack of technical knowledge. An MP being a bit behind the times isn’t the greatest shock – but she’s Labour’s Shadow Minister for Culture, Media, and Sport – that’s a big deal! This year, Claire Perry MP produced an “independent” report into online child protection.…

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4G Thoughts

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As part of the Parliament and Internet Conference, there was a panel discussion about 4G networks. These are my notes on the session. I’ve applied the Chatham House Rule – mostly because I can’t remember who said what, rather than any backroom skulduggery. Any errors are mine and mine alone. Neither Vodafone nor EE have…

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A (Virtual) Blockade of Parliament

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Two years ago I was severely annoyed at Labour’s Andy Burnham for his plans to censor the net. Today, I am equally annoyed at the Conservative’s Ed Vaizey for a similarly corruptible scheme. I don’t have the money to lobby bribe donate to the Conservative party. I’m too scared of the police attempting to kill…

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