Opera inserts advertising into your bookmarks

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I’ve long been a fan of the Opera Mobile browser. I used it back in my Nokia Symbian and Blackberry days – it was simply the best browser for those limited devices. I’ve carried on using it on my Android devices due to its superior text handling. Last week I was scrolling through my bookmarks,…

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Malicious Use of the HTML5 Vibrate API

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There is a new API in town! HTML5 will (soon) let you make the user’s device vibrate. What fun! Obviously, it’s useful for triggering alerts, improved immersivness during gameplay, and all sorts of other fun things like sending Morse Code messages via vibration. At the moment, Chrome (and other Android browsers) ask for permission before…

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Restaurant Review: Le Bel Canto

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For our third wedding anniversary, Liz and I went to an amazing restaurant – Le Bel Canto (warning: Flash site with auto-playing music). The waiting staff are all professional opera singers – they serve the food and they sing to you. And, wow they can sing. Take a listen to this AudioBoo. https://audioboo.fm/boos/263408-more-of-le-bel-canto.mp3 The highlight…

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Review: Opera Mini 5 Beta – BlackBerry

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(Disclaimer, I work for Vodafone Group who do a lot of work with Opera. These are my personal views.) The regular BlackBerry browser is… how can I put this politely… sub-optimal. For reading mobile-friendly sites it’s perfectly adequate – but for anything more complex it tends to choke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s “good enough”…

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