How I became the #1 mapper in New Zealand

Screenshot showing that in the last 7 days I was the number 1 mapper in New Zealand the 42nd in the world.

I hate leaderboards. I think competition tends to corrupt the incentives people have to contribute to a goal. Yet, at the same time, I was delighted to see that I was the top mapper in the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand. For one specific week in December. They say golf is a good walk spoiled. […]

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Creating an "Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality" map with OpenStreetMap

Map of the world, south up, stretched.

If you've seen that episode of The West Wing, you'll remember this scene: I'm not a paying member of the OCSE, but I fully support their aims. Because messing around with maps is fun. So, can I build a web-first maps which is South-up, Pacific-centred, and Peters-projected? Here's what I managed to do using OpenLayers […]

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It's Pronounced "Reading"

English is a funny old language. That my mother tongue doesn't bother with internal consistency doesn't bother me much - except when it comes to Text-To-Speech. Using Google Maps to provide route guidance in the UK is a challenging affair. Driving through Reading, the computerised voice continually mispronounced is as "Reading". Err... that is to […]

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