This Bench Does Not Exist

A bench with a deformed arm.

We forced an AI to look at thousands of photos of memorial benches. Just because. Here are the results. You can view more at This Bench Does Not Exist. Here's a video which shows how the process generates images. It gives you an idea of what the model "thinks" a bench is. Download the model…

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Using Soundex to find Duplicate Database Entries

Benches on a website. One is called "Bertie" the other "Bert".

Our community website - OpenBenches - has over seventeen thousand crowd-sourced entries. The nature of user-generated content is that there are bound to be duplicates. Especially around popular walking routes. Here's how I culled around 200 duplicates using the awesome power of SOUNDEX! Soundex is a clever algorithm for reducing a string of characters into…

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How we organise and store thousands of UGC photos

A tiny micro sd card.

Our community project - OpenBenches is going really well. At the time of writing, we have 33,211 photos, taking up over 100GB. Cameras and phones all have different ways of naming the photos they save. Some files are named with a datestamp - 2019-12-25_01.jpg. Others are sequential - photo_0001.jpg. Or they might have a system…

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OpenBenches is a recipient of a Microgrant!

The Open Benches logo.

We're delighted to announce that our project has been awarded a $250 microgrant from Icculus! When I agreed to the award, I hadn’t heard about @eiais’s firing, or any of the others. It’s not much money, but I don’t think quantity is relevant. — Ryan C. Gordon (@icculus) December 25, 2019 (If I don’t…

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OpenBenches - some stats

UK map covered in thousands of markers.

For the last year-and-a-bit, Liz and I have been running An open data website dedicated to memorial benches. Here are some rough and ready numbers about how it has gone so far. 9,870 Benches At the time of writing, we're a little shy of 10,000 benches. As you can see, we have photos from…

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