Joining the board of OpenUK

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Cartoon of the OpenUK vision.

As you know, I’m a supporter of open technology. I write open source, I work on open standards, I care about open data. So I am delighted to have joined the board of OpenUK. Our purpose? To develop and sustain UK leadership in Open technology. I want to make the UK the best place to…

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OpenTech 2011

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Another year, another OpenTech. I found last year’s OpenTech conference to be awe-inspiring. This year’s was equally good. This is a quick rundown of the sessions I attended that I found particularly interesting.

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The Future Of Android … And How To Stop It

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I was honoured when David Wood asked me to present at his first “brown bag” lunch lecture at Accenture. Normally I would run through a presentation of this length at several different venues and thoroughly hone it before presenting at a high profile event. As you’ll see from the slides and video, it’s still a…

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