New Batteries Make Everything Better

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Graph showing 5% battery left after 28 hours.

It has been 4 years since I got my OnePlus 5T. For a mobile geek like me, that's unbearably long! In recent months, the phone has become temperamental and the battery barely made it through the day without a couple of charges. Using the OnePlus Diagnostic Tool, I could see that battery health had fallen…

Check your battery stats with the OnePlus Diagnostic Tool

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App showing healthcheck app.

My OnePlus 5T is 3.5 years old and, after daily abuse, its battery life is starting to fade. But how bad is it? OnePlus have a diagnostic tool which, annoyingly, isn't available in the Google Play store. And is a bit of a pain to run. So here's a quick tutorial. Download the app APK…

OnePlus 5T - two-and-a-half years later

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OnePlus 5T status screen showing Android 10.

Back in November 2017, I treated myself to my first new phone in ages - the OnePlus 5T. I was pretty excited! This week, 928 days after I bought it, OnePlus pushed an upgrade to Android 10! Back in 2011, I was moaning that Sony Ericsson didn't even support their phones for a year. How…