WebMentions, Privacy, and DDoS - Oh My!

Crappy line drawing explaining the above.

Mastodon - the distributed social network - has two interesting challenges when it comes to how users share links. I'd like to discuss those issues and suggest a possible way forward. When you click on a link on my website which takes you to another website, your browser sends a Referer1. This says to the […]

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Is Open Graph Protocol dead?

Robot faced Mark Zuckerberg is weating a VR headset - it digs painfully into his smiling cheeks.

Facebook Meta - like many other tech titans - has institutional Shiny Object Syndrome. It goes something like this: Launch a product to great fanfare Spend a few years hyping it as ✨the future✨ Stop answering emails and pull requests If you're lucky, announce that the product is abandoned but, more likely, just forget about […]

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