Mobile Badvertising: Nokia Music

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I’ve mentioned Nokia on here a few times.  For a mobile focused company, they seem to have a real problem with mobile advertising. It starts well enough with an animated GIF. The site it links to is – cleverly, Nokia redirect mobile users to a specific mobile version of the site.  That’s where it…

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EXCLUSIVE! Nokia Phones *WILL* Have Android!

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Sauntering down Oxford Street, Mauricio Reyes spotted Nokia’s secret Android plans. Is this just a hapless Photoshop mistake – or a sign of things to come?!?!?!?!

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Choosing a New Phone

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ARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Due to a crazy taxi driver (are there any other kind) and a violent swerve, my BlackBerry Bold 9000 is no more. Bereft of life, it rusts in pieces, and other such Pythonesque metaphors. Arse. I truly feel like I’m missing an extension to my body. There’s a symbiotic relationship which develops between…

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Mobile Badvertising – Nokia E72

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Ahhh…. Nokia. Remember them? Once upon a time they were a global power-house. But now, with BlackBerry, iPhone and Android nipping at their heels, they are a shadow of their former self. I mean, Nokia “only” have a market share of 38% – and they “only” sold 108 million devices in the last quarter…. Hmmm….…

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Nokia Ovi – 25 Mistakes

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I know a thing or two about mobile websites. The last 4 years of my life have been spent obsessing over them. I wouldn’t claim that the sites I run are the best in the world – but I’ve picked up a thing or two about how a successful mobile retail channel should work. Nokia’s…

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Nokia Ovi Store. Oh dear…

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I try so hard to like Nokia. Their hardware is second to none – but when it comes to software and services, they haven’t got a clue. They’ve just announced a new app store – Ovi Store.  This is to replace the broken mess that is Mosh, N-Gage, Download and the current Ovi.  Why do…

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Nitdroid: Installing Android on the Nokia N810

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I’m continually frustrated with Nokia. They make truly excellent hardware but akways seem to produce the most disappointing software. The N95 & the N810 are perfect examples of this. Powerful and innovative computers let down by shoddy software. So, when I heard that some clever hackers had ported Google’s Android OS to the N810, I…

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N-gage user experience. 100% failure.

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I really want to like Nokia. They produce some amazing hardware, but time and time again, they’re let down by poor software with a dreadful user experience. Take the recent n-gage launch. N-gage was a flop when it originally launched several years ago. It’s absolutely critical for Nokia to get this relaunch right or else…

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Turn Your N95 into an iPhone

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Samir has just released this little auto-rotate app for the N95. As you rotate your phone, the screen reorients itself. It’s a brilliant idea and an excellent application… But it really calls into question Nokia’s ability to react to the market. The N95 has always had an accelerometer (the device which tells it which way…

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