Newspapers Shouldn't Recycle Their Print Copy for the Web

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I guess most newspapers use the same CMS to add articles for their printed edition and their web edition. It's mostly ok - but when a journalist (or copy editor) creates content, they should always think about all the ways it can be displayed. Even if they had inserted an image of The Attorney General…

QR Interview in Metro

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Last month I gave an interview to the Metro newspaper about QR codes.

More *Real* QR Statistics

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There was a lot of interest in my recent post about TfL's QR statistics. Today, I present to you three very different QR codes and their statistics. These are all taken from the Metro newspaper on Tuesday January 10th. Wowcher First up is "Wowcher", a big quarter page advert on page 28. Wowcher's statistics show…

Metro's Use of QR Codes

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Updated! 2011-01-11 20:00 - see the response from the Metro. The Metro is a London-based UK newspaper national newspaper which is distributed in 33 cities across the UK. Around a year ago, I reviewed the Metro's mobile website. It wass a perfectly fine mobile site and I'm pleased to see that over the last 12…