Does The Times Care About Mobile Users?

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Some days, I think it must be fantastic to work for an organisation which just doesn't care any more. The sort of place which thinks, "sod it, it's not like we need more readers or more money." That is, I imagine, what it's like to work for The Times. For the last 3 years, The […]

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Do Newspapers Get The (Mobile) Web?

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I've written before about how newspapers are reacting to the changing media landscape. Every so often, I spy something that reminds me just how far they need to go in order to fully "get" the web. This latest example is from the Financial Times. I have huge admiration for the FT. Their reporting is usually […]

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Mobile Newspapers

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When I was a student, I had a brilliant idea.  Why not have a stand at every train station where you could sync your Palm Pilot with the latest news? Insert a pound in the slot, press the button for The Times, aim your handheld's IrDA at the blinking light and ZAP! All the latest […]

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Blocking News International

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There is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth about Murdoch's plan to charge for his content. The swine! The blaggard! Regardless of the sanity or effectiveness of this idea - I thought it would be an interesting idea to turn the tables. What would it be like if News International were unable to scour […]

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Linking Papers to The Web

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The guardian should have qr codes so I can teeet what I'm reading in the paper — James H (@angusprune) October 22, 2009 Let's Make It Happen So, assuming each story has a URL, how would that look Turning it into a QR code using my encoder... That's probably a bit large for a […]

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The Guardian - A Review

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One of the things I love about Private Eye is the columns I don't read.  Corners of the magazine dedicated to the gossip of the classical music world, the perils of modern architecture, positively incomprehensible reports about big business buying into football.  I care for none of these subjects, but I'm immensely relieved that they […]

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Mobile News Sites - The Times

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I read most of my news through my mobile - if your website isn't mobile friendly, I won't be bothered to read it.  I've greatly enjoyed the BBC's Mobile News service and Guardian Mobile - but now there's a new player - The Times has a mobile site.   This is a quick review of what […]

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Do Newspapers Get The Web?

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Recently I was featured in two prominent online newspapers. The Times published a short story I wrote for The Times Cheltenham Twitter Competition. The Guardian wrote about my experiences with energy monitors. What struck me was the very different ways that these "Old Media" approached the "New Media" of the web. I'll state my biases […]

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