our day out

Couloured in drawing of a dinosaur.

Another necropost! I found this proto-blog post in amongst a collection of photos. I don't know the exact date it was written - mid-eighties around Christmas. As you can see, my spelling has slightly improved in the last few years. on friday we went to the natural histire musem and the first thing we saw […]

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French Exchange Diary

Me aged 13. I have terrible hair. As was the fashion of the time, my t-shirt says "NOT!"

This is a necropost - written in 1993 and recently found on an old backup disk. I spent two delightful weeks in France and, apparently, kept something of a diary. I was never good at introspection - so this mostly reflects what I actually did, rather than how I felt. I remember being shocked that […]

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Letter to Sega Magazine

Scan of a a magazine cover. Sega Magazine from 1994 features many now obsolete video games.

Another necropost! My brother and I sent in loads of video-game tips to Sega Magazine in the hope that they would be published and, thus, immortalise us.I've no idea if this one ever made it - but it survived on an old backup disk, so I'm republishing it in the hope someone will appreciate these […]

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Interview with my Aunt

An older woman with curly hair, wearing a black and white dress.

This is a necropost. It was written in 1995 - presumably for a GCSE History assignment. I found it recently on a backup disk. As far as possible I've preserved the original spelling and formatting. I think we had been asked to interview someone about their experiences of the second world war. My great uncle […]

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Mixed Up Memory (Letter to PC Format)

I understand how memory works, but I have a problem buying it. Owning, as I do, a P75 with 8Mb, I thought I'd take advantage of the drop in price of those wonderful slivers of silicon and invest in a further 8Mb. My motherboard manual gives listings for the combinations of RAM that work in my PC. I have.... SIMM 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 RAM 2Mb 2Mb - - 2Mb 2Mb Looking through my various listings I can find no combination which will enable me to add to this configuration, ergo I have these two questions: 1. Will any company/organisation buy or exchange SIMMs at a fair price? 2. Failing that, is it all right to add SIMMs in combinations not listed in the motherboard manual? Terry Eden, via e-mail Most local PC shops buy second hand RAM, but if you want a really good price, you’re much better off placing an add in your local free paper. Unless you live in a very rural area, you'll probably find that there are lots of other ads for odd bits of PC kit. However, I can’t see what’s stopping you from adding another 8Mb to your current configuration. Pentium SIMMs have to be installed in pairs, so two 4Mb SIMMs seem like the obvious option. I can’t believe that your manual doesn’t include the option of four 2Mb and two 4Mb SIMMs. And even if it doesn’t, I still can’t believe than it can’t be done.

This is a Necropost. Dug up from deep within the archives - my letter was published in issue 65 of PC Format. I was a massive nerd in 1997 - and huge fan of PC Format magazine. So I turned to them when needing advice on upgrading my computer. I've no idea why I didn't […]

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Unofficial Exam Guidelines. Please Display.

The word "exam" written in chalk on a blackboard.

This is a necropost. Written, I think, in preparations for mock A-Levels and recently found on an old backup disk. People in our 6th Form were always sticking up funny lists and weird humorous print-outs found on the nascent WWW. This was either my attempt to relieve the pressure of endless revision - or just […]

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Random photo of a building in Montreal.

This is a necropost - resurrected from one of my ancient sites - detailing some of my year studying in Canada. 17/09/1999 "Terry - you coming to Montreal with us this afternoon?" "uh...yeah..?" A quick stop by the bank to see how they had lost my $1000 (a long winded and most distressing story) and […]

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Oh! Canada!

Grainy photo of three Canadian students.

This is a necropost - resurrected from one of my ancient sites - detailing some of my year studying in Canada. Hullo - finally got round to putting my pics up.  There not all wonderful, I can't remember what half of them are, but they are here anyway. All the pages have lots and lots […]

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Sock And Buskin - Improv Superbowl

A handwritten poster on crumpled paper.

This is a necropost - resurrected from an ancient cassette tape. While I was studying at Carleton University in Canadaland, I joined the prestigious(?) Sock n Buskin theatre troupe. Together with "Where's the Soup", we put on an "Improv Superbowl". Basically a team version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" The director - Jenny - […]

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A (Nuclear) Blast From The Past

As I was digging around some ancient back-up CDs, I happened across some of my early web pages. Way back in the mists of time, I was a member of the UEA Peace Society. As well as organising talk on campus, we occasionally went on protests. This page records the protest we took to Lakenheath […]

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