Tech Predictions for 2023

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A plasma ball glowing with ethereal light.

Only fools try to predict the future. You can read my earlier predictions, or dig deep into my archives and rate me on how foolish I am. I tend to look at technology through the lens of "what do I want to happen?" and then assume the worst. So, here goes! Federation Gets Simpler As […]

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The Modern World

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This is a little story about standards, technology, civilisation, and the modern world. I know it is tempting to only talk about the various ways technology disappoints us, but sometimes it can be quite magical living in the future. A few week ago, I took a trip to a foreign country... I waved a rectangle […]

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The Inevitability of Connecting Everything

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As the global demand for safer cars grew, there was a drive for cheaper and more accurate ways to deploy airbags. Thus, car manufacturers turned to MEMS based accelerometers and gyroscopes. Small, accurate, and fast. With increased production, comes increased manufacturing efficiency. So these sensors also became cheap to purchase for everyone. The street finds […]

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Anti-Social App Design

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My good friend Dan Appelquist recent wrote a fascinating blog post on solipsism as a design decision. He has a set of Lifx Internet Controlled Lightbulbs. They're great fun, but have some seriously screwy ideas about how people live. One key design of the app is to allow you to automatically switch off all your […]

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