The next disruption of the music industry?

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Another short – and probably incorrect – prediction about disruption. Spotify, for all its tech, isn’t magically disruptive. The business model is similar to a radio station. It pays music publishers based on what songs its listeners’ request. (This is grossly oversimplified. Stick with me.) Spotify buys a product wholesale and then sells it retail.…

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Review: Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets

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A psychedelic explosion of love.

None of us are going out to gigs in the foreseeable future, right? So the next best thing is watching shows on video. Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets is an epic blast. Recorded at the Roundhouse, it is gorgeously colourful and has just the right amount of “backstage” interviews”, And, being a disc, there’s no…

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Broadcasting vinyl over my LAN – ALSA2ChromeCast

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Icecast admin page.

Previously, on the Terence Eden Adventures: I accidentally won a load of vinyl on eBay, and I bought the cheapest record player I could find. The record player has USB output. So I shoved it into a Rock Pi S – an SBC similar to a Raspberry Pi – to broadcast vinyl all over my…

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Building a Record Wall

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Floating Record Wall.

I’ve just built this magic floating record wall on the cheap. I think it looks great during video calls. Here’s how I did it: Step One – Stalk eBay With lockdown, I couldn’t exactly go to my local record store. And I didn’t fancy rummaging through bins of second hand items trying to find exactly…

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Review – Kula Shaker 20th Anniversary Tour 🕉

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I’m 16. My mate Pete has been humming “Achinta beyda beyda tatvaaaah” endlessly. I finally break and ask him what gibberish he’s spouting.  And thus I am introduced to Kula Shaker. It was the first CD I ever illicitly ripped to MP3. It was my reference album for any audio equipment purchase. Potential girlfriends were…

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Generating Random Chiptunes on Linux

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I like to listen to music while I work. I find – especially in an open plan office – that it is an essential aid to concentration. That said, I find music with lyrics particularly problematic as my brain prefers to concentrate on the words rather than the task in hand. On long flights, I…

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The Beatles – Surrounding You With Love

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I’m working on a new project which, unless UK copyright law radically changes, will only be available if you pop round my house 🙂 Yesterday… In 1960s the predominant form of music recording was in mono. Indeed, The Beatles weren’t involved in many of their stereo mixes. If you listen to some of those early…

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I'm Proud Of Mitch Benn

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Last NaBloPoMo, I wrote up my review of a Mitch Benn gig I’d seen. I know I’m not going to leave it ten years before I next see him. Indeed, I didn’t even leave it a full calendar year. Mitch is back and better than ever – he even has a new single out. It’s…

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When Will Amazon's MP3 Store Come To Mobile?

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Music is a huge seller in the mobile marketplace.  Why carry a walkman or a discman when your phone can deliver high quality music to your £3.99 headphones?  Hear a song you like on the radio, in a concert, from a busker singing – a few clicks and it’s on your phone ready to play.…

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Gig Review – Mitch Benn

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When I was a fresher at university, Mitch Benn played the union.  I don’t remember why I didn’t go.  I do remember being woken up by the guys in my halls banging on my door telling me that I’d missed a brilliant evening.  The CDs that they bought back from the gig were hilarious –…

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