Review - Kula Shaker 20th Anniversary Tour 🕉

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I'm 16. My mate Pete has been humming "Achinta beyda beyda tatvaaaah" endlessly. I finally break and ask him what gibberish he's spouting.  And thus I am introduced to Kula Shaker. It was the first CD I ever illicitly ripped to MP3. It was my reference album for any audio equipment purchase. Potential girlfriends were…

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Generating Random Chiptunes on Linux

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I like to listen to music while I work. I find - especially in an open plan office - that it is an essential aid to concentration. That said, I find music with lyrics particularly problematic as my brain prefers to concentrate on the words rather than the task in hand. On long flights, I…

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The Beatles - Surrounding You With Love

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I'm working on a new project which, unless UK copyright law radically changes, will only be available if you pop round my house 🙂 Yesterday... In 1960s the predominant form of music recording was in mono. Indeed, The Beatles weren't involved in many of their stereo mixes. If you listen to some of those early…

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I'm Proud Of Mitch Benn

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Last NaBloPoMo, I wrote up my review of a Mitch Benn gig I'd seen. I know I’m not going to leave it ten years before I next see him. Indeed, I didn't even leave it a full calendar year. Mitch is back and better than ever - he even has a new single out. It's…

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When Will Amazon's MP3 Store Come To Mobile?

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Music is a huge seller in the mobile marketplace.  Why carry a walkman or a discman when your phone can deliver high quality music to your £3.99 headphones?  Hear a song you like on the radio, in a concert, from a busker singing - a few clicks and it's on your phone ready to play.…

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Gig Review - Mitch Benn

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When I was a fresher at university, Mitch Benn played the union.  I don't remember why I didn't go.  I do remember being woken up by the guys in my halls banging on my door telling me that I'd missed a brilliant evening.  The CDs that they bought back from the gig were hilarious -…

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MusicStation, some thoughts

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Some thoughts on MusicStation - in response to Ewan at SMS Text News (I do work for Vodafone, but these are my own opions....) MusicStation by Omnifone is a service offered by Vodafone. For £2 per week, you can download as much music as your phone can store and listen to it any time, anywhere.…

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