A floppy-disk Walkman – using a Raspberry Pi

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I have built the most inconvenient way of playing music! It is lo-fi awfulness and cyberpunk grungy. Thanks! I hate it! Ingredients Raspberry Pi USB floppy drive Audio Cable / Headphones USB Battery WHY?!?! As I discussed yesterday, it’s possible to fit half an hour of speech on a single floppy disk. The best band…

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Bouncing all my music down to Opus

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Headphone box.

As much as technology marches forward, there are two truths I need to accept. File transfer speeds are always going to be slower that I can be bothered to wait My ears aren’t going to get any better at hearing For years, I ripped all of my music as FLAC. I collected ridiculously high-resolution audio…

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This Call Is Being Recorded

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We’ve all been stuck on hold to some call centre and heard a distant voice say “For your security, and our training purposes, your call may be recorded.” I’ve always wanted to say to people “just so you know, I am also recording this call.” Well, now I can. A little back story… Around 4…

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When Will Amazon's MP3 Store Come To Mobile?

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Music is a huge seller in the mobile marketplace.  Why carry a walkman or a discman when your phone can deliver high quality music to your £3.99 headphones?  Hear a song you like on the radio, in a concert, from a busker singing – a few clicks and it’s on your phone ready to play.…

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Review Mello MP3 Player

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This review was orginally written for a now-defunct website. Terence Eden – 2016 The Spec Mello Branded Cyprus CompactFlash MP3 player (v11) + 128MB Compact Flash card (a 128MB CF card gives you 124MB (130658304bytes) which is just about enough for 2 hours of 128Kb music. If you go down to FM quality (64kb) you’ll…

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