Tron: Legacy – A Review

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Well, looks like I was right. The good folks at ShowFilmFirst did treat us to an advanced screening of Tron: Legacy. They specifically asked us to embargo our reviews until 2200 tonight. That’s given me plenty of time to ruminate on just how disappointed this movie left me. This review is spoiler free. By which…

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Show Film First

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I’m a big fan Show Film First. A company which aims to get people to preview screenings of films – for free. There’s also a confusingly similarly named company called See Film First with broadly similar aims. I’m not sure what, if any, relationship the two have. Show Film First concentrate mainly on bloggers –…

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Movie Review – Harry Brown

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Last night, thanks to the lovely people at SeeFilmFirst, I went to see a free preview of Harry Brown starring Michael Caine. Harry Brown is an unremittingly violent film. Utterly devoid of sympathetic characters, it offers a terrifying glimpse into the fear, violence and sadism on an unnamed council estate. Every scene is wired with…

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An Idea For A Movie

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Just seen 500 Days of Summer – a perfectly adequate Rom Com. On the walk back, Liz and I were discussing getting divorced. For tax reasons. Neither of us could think of any tax advantages for divorced couples, but it lead us down an interesting conversational route. A fairly standard ploy in movies (and real…

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The 10th Anniversary of the Death of the Modern Film Industry

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A long time ago… Ten years ago, I posted on usenet that I’d watched a bootleg of The Phantom Menace. I discovered the post recently and it got me thinking about how little progress has been made in the digital download arena. Picture the scene, it’s my first year at university and, like any good…

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