Replacing The Battery on a Motorola Nexus 6

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Earlier this year I was moaning about my Nexus 6. Motorola’s crappy battery technology is well documented, my phone was running so hot that the glue holding the device together became unstuck! Eventually, the battery failed. It would report being fully charged, but only run for a few minutes before switching off. Recalibrating and resetting…

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Coming Unstuck With The Nexus 6

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The Motorola built Nexus 6 is just about the worst Android handset I’ve owned. The USB port is upside down, the screen is smeary at low light, the back is so slippery it spins wildly on any flat surface, the battery is average at best, and the curve of the back makes impossible to type…

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Review: Motorola Pro Plus

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In my quest to find the perfect phone, I was recommended to try the Motorola Pro Plus by Seb Schmoller. This is my attempt to review it fairly after a week of usage. Some people have accused me of being unfair in my review of the Nokia Lumia. I think I was harsh – but…

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