A look back at 2016

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Rather than wait until the end of the December, I like to use my birthday to reflect on how the year has been. This has been a very weird year. I mean, even aside from all the news, it was just an absolute mess of a year. I ended 2015 by unexpectedly winning tickets to… Continue reading →

Newvember - New Job!

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Welcome to my yearly NaBloPoMo - where I attempt to publish a new blog post every day in November. This year is likely to be challenging as I've just started a new job. As of last month, I am the Open Standards Lead at Government Digital Service - part of Cabinet Office. As ever, this… Continue reading →


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After four fun-packed years of Digital Disruption, it's time for me to move on from The Lab at O2. I've had an amazing time, building 3D printers, charging phones from lemons, building paper-prototypes with unemployed people, finding all sorts of interesting security bugs, teaching kids to code, redesigning the nation's gas bills, creating holographic iPhone… Continue reading →

I'm in an RFC!

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Friends, allow me to wallow in a little boasting! Four years ago, I made a modest proposal for a new HTTP Code to indicate censorship. A few days ago, RFC 7725: An HTTP Status Code to Report Legal Obstacles became an approved standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force. This allows a website, proxy, or… Continue reading →

A little retrospective

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The planet Earth has completed yet another cycle of carrying me around the sun, and so it is time to cast an eye backwards. Despite this blog, I'm not much of a diary keeper. Since the demise of FourSquare I've not kept particularly good track of where I've been or what I've been up to.… Continue reading →

Learning From Failure

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The two big memes of our entrepreneurial age are Go big, or go home! And Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett Well, I've failed and now I'm heading home. Last year I applied for a place on a Master's programme at the Oxford Internet Institute. I was… Continue reading →

Passive Aggressive Note - my name is spelt "T-E-R-E-N-C-E"

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...not Terance, Terrence, Terrance, Terense, Tarance, or any other variation. "Terence" is spelt with one T, a thrice of Es, and a single R, N, and C. The letter A should be conspicuous by its absence. The letter R is an only child. The letter S has no place in my name. Those people caught… Continue reading →

One Million

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It's only a silly number - and not a very accurate one - but it makes me happy. Thank you for reading - it has truly been my pleasure to write for you.

Changing Theme

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(Hopefully the last naval gazing post of the year...) I asked if using a WordPress theme to emulate the Svbtle theme was unethical. The results were mixed - you can see some of the discussion on HackerNews and AppDotNet (visual view). Broadly speaking, people fell into four categories. People who had never heard of Svbtle… Continue reading →

Is It Wrong To Use A Svbtle Theme?

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For the last few months, I've been using the WordPress theme wp-svbtle. Even with my limited design sense, I think it looks rather spiffy. Recently though, I've had a few people on HackerNews and Twitter criticising me of "ripping off" Svbtle and accusing me of trying to defraud readers into thinking I was part of… Continue reading →