Forget Subtext - People Don't Even Get Surtext

Uhura, a black lady, is kissing Kirk, a white man.

Once in a while, you'll see some blowhard railing about the modern world. I recently saw someone decrying the fact that Star Trek had "gone woke". This Star Trek? OK, you can argue about whether Kirk and Uhura were forced to kiss in that episode. But how does anyone look at Star Trek - with […]

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Why is it so hard to watch foreign TV in the streaming era?

A giant red letter N. The Netflix logo.

It looks like it's the end of the party for streaming services. Prices are going up, choice is going down, and the quality is declining. Despite all the hype about how transformative streaming would be for the industry - there's one thing which never really seemed to take off. It's almost impossible to find "foreign" […]

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Download 1080p streams from iPlayer

Screenshot of VLC reporting that the video is 1080p.

Way back in 2010, Paul Battley was blogging about device discrimination on the Internet. The new iPlayer service was using TLS certificates to ensure that only specific devices were able to stream media from the BBC's servers. That's a situation which continues over a decade later. If you watch iPlayer on your laptop, you're stuck […]

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Book Review - Teaching Medicine and Medical Ethics Using Popular Culture

Surgeons standing over a body.

This book demonstrates how popular culture can be successfully incorporated into medical and health science curriculums, capitalising on the opportunity fictional media presents to humanise case studies. Studies show that the vast majority of medical and nursing students watch popular medical television dramas and comedies such as Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House M.D. and Scrubs. This […]

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HDCP is ridiculously annoying - DRM sucks for consumers

TV showing error message.

I decided to treat myself to an upgraded home cinema experience. But mandatory copy-protection has meant I've spend the weekend trying and failing to get things working, rather than watching glorious 4K HDR 10 bit movies. Here's the problem: Why am I getting the error "This content can not be displayed because your TV does […]

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Tools to defeat fake news - Reverse Image Search

Screenshot of Facebook. A photo appears to show a giant whale in the ocean.

One of the most important tools in the war for your attention is the ability to critically examine media and discover its provenance. Take this example - a friend of a friend was tagged in this Facebook post, and so it appeared on my feed: WOW! Right! Nature is Coooooool! Or is it? If "The […]

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Long Exposures - Creating Average Frames From Movies

I read a Guardian article about an artist who set up an analogue camera in front of their TV, set it to long exposure, and set a movie playing. The result was a rather wonderful collection of images. You can see more of Jason Shulman's works Is there a way to automate this process? Yes! […]

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Talking SmartHome tech on Radio 2

A bunch of smartphone equipment on a radio broadcast desk.

After hearing my interview on Radio 4, the Jeremy Vine show asked me to talk about my smart home tech for Radio 2. We discuss controlling all the devices in your home with your mobile phone. #r2vine — BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) November 17, 2016 But! There was a twist. Could I demo some […]

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Radio 4 IoT Talk

Edent Shouting into a microphone.

Off the back of my ThingMonk talk I was invited on to BBC Radio 4's PM programme to talk about the Internet of Things in the home. Listen to me on BBC Radio 4 - about 47 minutes in Want me on your show or podcast? Give me a call! You can read more about […]

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My solar batteries on BBC's You & Yours

Me and a man from the BBC standing in front of an electric car.

Always a delight to be interviewed by the BBC again. This time, talking about our Solar Batteries. You can listen again on the BBC iPlayer. The solar stuff starts at 14m 30s, with my interview at 17 minutes. You can also hear my electric car being charged 🙂 Being interviewed by a nice man from […]

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