Things I can't do on MacOS which I can do on Ubuntu

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A MacBook running Linux.

I've never "got" the appeal of a Mac. But I have to use one for work. Here's a partial list of everything I cannot do on a Mac, but I can do on Ubuntu. These are all objective facts. These are things which either are impossible, or require adding unsupported 3rd party software - sometimes…

Accessibility of macOS - large cursor hides tooltips

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Cursor obscuring tool tip.

Apple's attitude to usability is... complex. The general attitude of "you're holding it wrong" seems to be prevalent across all their products. I like having a large mouse cursor. I find it easier to see on my large monitor, especially when sat at a safe distance. But, if I use a large cursor - I…

Ubuntu on a MacBookPro 8,2 running Yosemite

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A MacBook running Linux.

Being mostly notes to stop me getting frustrated. Based, in part, from this excellent forum post. I've always run Linux on my Mac Hardware. I love the physical aspects of the Mac line, but I really can't be bothered with their Play-doh infested software. Let's assume you have a nice, clean, freshly installed OSX 10.10…