Advertising Screens Hacked To Mine BitCoin

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The display shows a windows desktop with a variety of icons. There is a window open

Spotted in London, yesterday. A large, Microsoft Windows-powered advertising hoarding has been hijacked. It’s not uncommon to see broken-down Windows displays – I run – which is dedicated to pointing and laughing at such mistakes. But this is the first time I’ve seen a display repurposed for profit! It appears to be running NiceHash…

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Walking Under The Thames

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Earlier this year, I won the BlueLightCamp Hackathon. Usually prizes are a token of appreciation – vouchers, a books, maybe even a new phone if you’re lucky. This, however, was a “money can’t buy” prize – a trip through the Thames Barrier. And so, during one of London’s delightfully wet summer’s days, I made my…

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Goodyear Blimp Docking with The Shard (Time Lapse)

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As I was wandering over Waterloo Bridge, I spotted a Blimp flying above London. I find that Blimps have an otherworldly quality. Sleek, silent, and majestic. I fired off a few photos as it flew overhead. It then turned and went to approach The Shard. Where, finally, it docked and her passengers alighted. Here’s the…

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Helicopters Flying Through Tower Bridge

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A delightful evening in London spent watching a pair of helicopters fly through Tower Bridge. It appears that it’s part of the London™ 2012© Olympics® opening ceremony. First, the practice run: Then the three flights through the bridge Thanks to IanVisits for alerting us to the event, and Tom Scott for organising the picnic.

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TfL QR Followup – 5,000 scans per month!

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At the start of 2012, I revealed how many scans TfL’s QR campaign was getting. A lot of comments on Twitter & Google+ dismissed these results as a success. A typical response was: 70 scans a day? In a city of millions? Rubbish! This fails to address something that advertisers are conspicuously loathe to reveal…

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More Real QR Statistics

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Wandering through London today, I noticed that Southbank London has put QR codes on its posters. I’ve mentioned before the dangers of using as a QR code generator – as it allows us to peek at the codes’ performance statistics. Here are the codes on the posters – click for bigger. As all the…

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Real QR Statistics from TfL

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Last year, I suggested that TfL should use QR codes to point to their excellent mobile countdown service. Looks like someone was listening! I spotted this poster at a tube station. Nestled in the corner is a QR code pointing at the mobile bus countdown service! This is a close-to-perfect use of QR. Points to…

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Tracey Emin, Cambridge University, QR Codes, Statistics and

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I spend yesterday wandering around London and, as is my wont, spotted some QR codes which I think may interest readers of this blog. Tracey Emin The Hayward Gallery are having a Tracey Emin retrospective. At the start of the exhibition is this rather odd QR code. Why odd? Three main reasons. It leads directly…

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Ubiquitous QR Codes

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How Popular Are QR Codes? One common complaint I hear is that QR codes are just too obscure. I don’t think that’s true. Aside from continual use in newspapers and magazines, they’re all over the city. Here are a few examples that I snapped while walking around London.

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(Gadget) Geeks Of London

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Geeks Of London kicked off the new year with a gadget meet up. It was great seeing so many weird and wonderful gadgets. I think it would have been a good idea to give everyone a 30 second slot to talk about what they’d brought to show off. As for me, I took along an…

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