LinkedIn supports Schema‎.org metadata

The LinkedIn logo.

I'm a big fan of machine-readable metadata. It's useful for programs which need to extract information from messy and complicated websites. It's always surprising where it turns up. For example, take this post of mine on LinkedIn. If you view the source, you'll see this scrap of linked data: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "", "@type": […]

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The existential terror of LinkedIn

People on linkedin wanking themselves dry over how clever they are.

Several years ago, I applied for my dream job. Not quite ice-cream tester on the International Space Station, but pretty close. I was astounded to get a first interview, and crushed to flame out at the second round. That's the way it goes sometimes. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried […]

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Abusing LinkedIn for better customer service

Firstly apologies for the experience you have had with Green Network Energy and that we have been unable to provide you with the service needed. If you could confirm your account number then I will make sure this is looked in to today and provide an update. For context, I've been at the company since the outset and I'm part of the senior management team at GNE reporting directly to the COO and the owners. I'm responsible for customer services, billing and metering activities so I can assure you that by making contact you have already escalated the issue.

Back when social networks were new, Twitter was a great place to raise a complaint with a company. You could be sure that the Twitter account was run by someone who got social and, more often than not, would show tweets to the CEO. Sadly, Twitter corporate accounts now all follow the same script "Gosh! […]

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