Mixing Hue and Innr Smart Lights

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A lot of boxes.

I really wanted to write a rant about how incompatible smart lights are ruining the world. But… errr… Everything just works. Previously on my smarthome adventures, I kitted my house out with LIFX Bulbs and some WisQo Switches. I’ve moved home and none of my bulbs are compatible with the existing sockets! What else am…

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People who live in smart-houses, shouldn’t throw parties

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I have friends. More than one! I also have a home full of smart-gadgets which are controlled by apps. The two don’t mix. This is yet another complaint about solipsistic app design. Let’s take my Lifx bulbs. I have a friend staying for a few days, and he needs to be able to turn lights…

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Singing to my light bulbs

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Because I’m an idiot, I’ve decided that what my life needs is voice activated lightbulbs. But voice control is so 2015. Let’s make these bulbs react to SINGING! Here’s a demo – fair warning, my vocal prowess is “limited”. OK, here’s how to do this. I recently got a bunch of Lfix bulbs as part…

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Disclosed – Lifx Security Issue

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I love my Lifx Bulbs. They’re a quick and easy way to retrofit Internet connected goodies into a smart-home. One of the best things about them is their open API. Sure, you can use IFTTT if you want something easy – but us 1337 hax0rs want an API and Lifx provides it. The API is…

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