Can you open someone else's mail?

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This is mostly written so I can copy-and-paste it on to forums where people keep getting this basic information wrong. If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know how annoying it is to receive mail for the previous occupants. When those letters have a big red BAILIFFS ARE COMING warning on them – it is especially…

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Should Non-Lawyers Be Able To Understand Laws?

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Queen of the geek scene Emma Mulqueeny has recently been asked to sit on Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy. They’re currently soliciting for comments on the question: The system of laws and law-making in the UK is complex, but is that inevitable given the highly developed and interconnected society which laws regulate? Should you need…

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Operation Weeting: Voicemail Interception Confusion

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I don’t usually get involved in legal blogging. I am not a lawyer, and I find the finicky details somewhat hard to follow. That said, I do appreciate how (most) judges in the UK write their judgements in a relatively clear and unambiguous manner. Jack of Kent today pointed out the recent judgement on Operation…

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