What's Your Christian Name?

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I have a childhood memory of my father having a blazing row with a census-taker. It must have been around the 1991 census, the person collecting (or perhaps dropping off) the forms was determined to find out my father’s name. “But you must have a Christian name!” He cried. “And I tell you that I…

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It's Pronounced "Reading"

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English is a funny old language. That my mother tongue doesn’t bother with internal consistency doesn’t bother me much – except when it comes to Text-To-Speech. Using Google Maps to provide route guidance in the UK is a challenging affair. Driving through Reading, the computerised voice continually mispronounced is as “Reading”. Err… that is to…

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QRpedia – Custom URLs

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This blog post is designed to foster a technical and logistical discussion. In much the same way as the earlier QRpedia language discussion did. One of the most requested features in QRpedia is to have custom URLs. For example, the British Museum may want a URL of “bm.qrwp.org”. This has two main advantages. Better analytics.…

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Mobile Badvertising – Language

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One of the joys of the Internet is that it is international. Anyone, from anywhere, speaking any language can visit any page on the World Wide Web. This makes life difficult for advertisers. Not only do they have to ensure that what they’re showing is applicable in the viewer’s country, but also that it’s legal…

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