Opt Out of Klout – Now!

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Sites like Klout and Kred are perfect examples of social media frippery. A vaguely plausible “score” that you can use to justify your “investment” in tweeting all day long. When they’re used as a silly little badge, or an informal competition with friends, they’re a (mostly) harmless way of gamification. Of continual annoyance is the…

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Leaving Klout

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According to faux-influence-measument site, Klout, I was influential on Verizon Droid Stock Market Hotels Errr…..? What? If you’re following me on Twitter for any of the above, perhaps you’d like to consider your life choices. So, I opted-out of Klout. Their opt-out page is full of feel-good nonsense to try and convince people not to…

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