Hack Your Kindle

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I gave a quick talk at BarCamp Brigton about how to hack the Amazon Kindle 3G.  These hacks come in two flavours – easy and very easy. Very Easy – Pictures Wouldn’t it be great to view pictures on your Kindle?  Well?  OK – pictures, perhaps not so much – but comics?  Yes please! For…

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Home Made Kindle Case

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There are lots of tutorials for how to create a Kindle case from a hollowed out book. This is the first time I’ve seen one in the wild. Created by my colleague Elliot Moore.

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Kindle and SureSignal – or how to find your Kindle's phone number

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I’ve got a rather neat femtocell – the Vodafone SureSignal. It extends the 3G signal into my house by way of my broadband. To stop anyone leaching my broadband, you need to register “approved” phone numbers with the SureSignal. So – given that the Kindle has a Vodafone SIM card – how do we find…

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Kindle 3 Vs Elonex 511EB

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I’ve just taken delivery of a shiny new Amazon Kindle 3. I’m looking forward to giving it a thorough review – but here’s a quick comparison between it and my venerable Elonex 511EB.

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Hello Kindle – Goodbye Elonex?

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So, the Kindle finally launches in the UK. This blog has become something of a Mecca for users of the Elonex 511EB. The comments on my reviews run in to the hundreds, I get thousands of page views a month on them, I regularly answer private emails about the device. So, why am I abandoning…

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Waterstones Elonex 511EB Review – Part 2

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I’ve been blown away by the number of comments and visits to my original review of the 511EB. To clarify some of the points and answer some questions, I’ve decided to post another video review. This shows the speed of page turning and some of the idiosyncrasies of the eReader. Run VT, Errol! Startup Screen…

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Review: Elonex 511EB from Waterstones

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When I was younger, I was taught that a roll of papyrus in ancient Egypt cost the same as the monthly wage for the average citizen.  Nowadays the cost of paper is negligible.  That’s how it goes with new technology – it’s frightfully expensive to begin with, but after a while it’s as ubiquitous and…

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