Episode 31 - Modernising the Ministry of Justice

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The emojified face of Kim Rowan.

How do you modernise the technology of a huge organisation like the UK's Ministry of Justice? Kim Rowan has some bright ideas. https://shkspr.mobi/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Kim-Rowan-MoJ.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:38 — 1.1MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts RSS

Digital Justice Part 2 - It Just Gets Worse

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3 page CPS form - lots of little boxes to fill in.

Regular readers will know about my recent court visit. I was grumpy about the lack of connected digital services within the court. As I left court, I asked if there was anything they needed me to fill in or sign. They said there wasn't. I just sort of assumed that I wouldn't get any expenses…

Responsible Disclosure - Citizens Advice Bureaux

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A quick report into a nasty privacy vulnerability I found with the CAB. Unusually for me, this has no Internet component. Regular readers will know about my recent court visit. As part of that, I had to telephone the CAB Volunteers at the court who look after witnesses. I called, and was put on hold,…

Digital Court

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Posters on the wall, telling victims of crime about their rights.

This is the story of my encounter with our justice system. It's a personal post that doesn't necessarily reflect my employers' opinions. September 2017 - I was standing by a bus stop when I noticed a man playing with his phone while driving. So I snapped a couple of photos of him and his car.…

Why Can't I Pay Tax Only On My Profits?

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King of Google Eric Schmidt has written in The Guardian about how unfair it is that people don't think Google pay a fair share of taxes. He makes three pretty good points. Companies only pay tax on their profits. Politicians shouldn't make laws with loopholes. International laws need harmonisation. I agree with his second two…

Crowdsourcing Leveson

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I've already blogged about the Leveson Inquiry's disturbing habit of releasing evidence as scanned in PDFs. I had a suggestion from digital journalist Kevin Anderson @edent Put the Leveson docs up on Google Docs. I'd be curious how their OCR could handle them. Then click 'make public' — Mr Anderson (@kevglobal) May 11, 2012 Google…