Rewriting WordPress's JetPack Related Posts Shortcode

The new layout has 4 items, each boxed off, with a larger image and more distinct text.

I like the JetPack related post functionality. But I wanted to customise it far beyond what the default code allows for. So here's how I went from this: To this: Documentation The complete documentation for related posts is pretty easy to follow. This is an adaptation of "Use Jetpack_RelatedPosts_Raw to build your own list of […]

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Getting WordPress / JetPack Subscriber Counts via the API... the hard way

The Logo for WordPress.

People can subscribe to receive my blog via email. This is managed by the JetPack plugin. I want to be able to display something like "Join 1,234 subscribers and receive updates via email". So, how do I get the subscriber count from the API? As documented in the JetPack HTTP API, it is possible to […]

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Better Footnotes in WordPress JetPack

A very long footnote.

Previously, I've written about using Footnotes in WordPress Markdown. A reader notified me that the footnotes1 weren't very accessible. This blog post describes the problem and proposes a solution. The Problem Using WordPress's JetPack, markdown footnotes are rendered as: Some text <sup id="fnref-1234-1"><a href="#fn-1234-1" class="jetpack-footnote">1</a></sup> ... <li id="fn-1234-1">The footnotes. <a href="#fnref-1234-1">↩</a></li> There are two main problems […]

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