Getting Interview Questions In Advance

Web Developer with a job (has a great big beard). Web Developer without a job (is clean shaven).

My friend, the superhero Jess Rose, posed an interesting question. So, something lovely. About 6 months ago now @jesslynnrose tweeted the question “are you giving your interview questions to the candidate in advance? If not, why not?” So we started doing that. But what we weren’t doing was asking the candidates if it helped. So […]

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My solar batteries on BBC's You & Yours

Always a delight to be interviewed by the BBC again. This time, talking about our Solar Batteries. You can listen again on the BBC iPlayer. The solar stuff starts at 14m 30s, with my interview at 17 minutes. You can also hear my electric car being charged 🙂 Being interviewed by a nice man from […]

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QR Interview in Metro

Last month I gave an interview to the Metro newspaper about QR codes.

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