Can I own my identity on the Internet?

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The ultra secure messaging app, Signal, requires a mobile phone number in order to sign up to it. This, as my friend Tom Morris, points out, is madness. People don't own mobile phone numbers. They are rented from mobile operators. Yes, you may be able to move "your" number between a limited set of providers… Continue reading →

Mydex XSS Flaw (Disclosed & Fixed)

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Ever heard of Mydex? Here's how they describe themselves: Mydex provides the individual with a hyper-secure storage area to enable them to manage their personal data, including text, numbers, images, video, certificates and sound. No-one but the individual can access or see the data. Not just secure, but hyper-secure! They've been signed up by the… Continue reading →

Social Media Camp London 2008 - #smclondon08

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((Work In Progress - still need to add pics, videos and links))Yesterday, myself and a few hundred other bloggers, geeks, marketing droids and other social media maverns descended on Wallacepace St Pancras for the inaugural Social Media Camp London 2008. This is just a quick post to say what I did, what I liked and… Continue reading →