How much would it cost to buy every domain name?

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Glowing computer text showing dot com dot info etc.

The ridiculous proliferation of TLDs (Top Level Domains) continues unabated. I wondered how much you’d have to spend to secure your name on every TLD. tl;dr;tld Over $300,000! (Roughly €280.000 / £245,000.) But… This estimate is pretty rough. A few caveats: This only covers one version of your domain name – it doesn’t cover misspellings.…

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IANA Insanity – or, how I learned to stop .worrying and .love the .new .internet

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In The Beginning There was the .com and the .org and the .net and it was good. And, I mean, there were probably a few others – but that’s all people cared about. Go Forth And Multiply And THE LORD sayeth “Hey, do people want country codes? Like .UK, .FR, .DE?” And the people were…

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