Hackdays – How Much Preparation is Acceptable?

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I don’t watch much TV. During the last episode of The Apprentice, my Twitter-feed was suddenly flooded with people talking about Nick Holzherr‘s app “Whisk”. Apparently it was some kind of recipe / shopping / mash up thing called Whisk. Sounded good. Sounded familiar. Then I remembered this from CadburyHack Best use of APIs at…

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Homeless Hackday

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I had a great time at the Homeless Hackday. This is a belated write up, because I wanted to let a few thoughts peculate. The Problem There has been a worrying rise in the number of people rough sleeping – especially in the capital. There are a number of charities and Government departments which are…

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Over The Air 2012

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Another brilliant event from Over The Air. The perfect mix of lectures, hacking, and relaxing in a country manor / museum. And, to top it off, my hack won a brace of prizes! The Wifi just about held up. Although I think it’s fundamentally impossible to provide decent connectivity to 200+ people. Especially when they’re…

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Choc In To Joyville – Cadbury's Hackday

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Before Cadbury’s inaugural hackday began there were a number of rumblings on the blogs about the extact nature of Cadbury’s intentions. See Thayer Prime‘s and Emma Mulqueeny‘s thoughts on the subject. As it happens, after a bit of gentle poking, some of the terms were clarified. The event itself went rather well, but I’d like…

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Dave Winer is Wrong About Hackdays

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Dave Winer is totally off base when he says “Hackathons are how marketing guys wish software were made.” Perhaps it’s different in his part of the world, but over here, hackdays are fun! All the hackathon / hackdays I’ve been to are, essentially, Scrapheap Challenge* for software people. *Note to Americans, Junkyard Wars is the…

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Video From GovCamp #ukgc12

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The lovely people from UK Gov Camp have put up some of the videos from the barcamp. Here’s me chatting about mobile and the WordPress Mobile Pack. From Steph at Helpful Technology. See my blog post about the day.

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Gov Camp UK

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As per the meme, here are my 20 points on Gov Camp UK. Sign up early. I dawdled and so was only able to get a ticket for Saturday. I feel like I missed out on a lot of interesting conversations. BarCamps should be recorded for posterity. It’s a point I’ve made before. Cameras and…

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