The Gun That Fits On A Floppy Disk

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The 3D printed gun is now a reality. I don’t have access to a 3D printer – but I’ve downloaded the plans out of morbid curiosity. While downloading the blueprints may not be illegal, any UK citizen who made and owned such a handgun could face arrest, according to the UK’s Metropolitan Police. BBC News…

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Should I Go To A Gun Range?

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Growing up, toy guns were verboten in our household. My brother and I – like most young boys – grew up on a diet on Star Wars, The A-Team, and Transformers. Gun were cool! Our mother would brook no truck with this. Guns were banned. When my brother was given a water pistol as a…

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Mitt Romney And Gun Control

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I wrote this before the Presidential election. I didn’t publish it because it looked like Obama was going to win without my help. Also, it feels unseemly to meddle in another country’s politics. Recent events have stirred me into posting. I don’t know much about Mitt Romney’s position on gun control. It doesn’t seem to…

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