#TeaCamp – Social Media Guidance for Civil Servants

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On Thursday, I attended my first TeaCamp. It’s a mini-meetup for UK Gov folk doing interesting digital things. These are some random jotterings based on the discussions both at the event and at BeerCamp afterwards. All conversations were under Chatham House Rules. Social Media is a problem for all organisations – whether public or private.…

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Video From GovCamp #ukgc12

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The lovely people from UK Gov Camp have put up some of the videos from the barcamp. Here’s me chatting about mobile and the WordPress Mobile Pack. From Steph at Helpful Technology. See my blog post about the day.

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Gov Camp UK

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As per the meme, here are my 20 points on Gov Camp UK. Sign up early. I dawdled and so was only able to get a ticket for Saturday. I feel like I missed out on a lot of interesting conversations. BarCamps should be recorded for posterity. It’s a point I’ve made before. Cameras and…

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Solar Panels and FIT

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As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve just had solar panels installed! Because of Greg Barker MP’s idiotic decision to scrap the Feed In Tariff with only six weeks’ notice – we’ve had to get this done in rather a rush. Thanks to Angi and Philip at Sunny Future Solar, we were able to…

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DNA Database Consultation

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In May 2009, the Government published a consultation called ‘Keeping the right people on the database: Science and public protection.’ On this mater which has dominated the news and the blogosphere, they received only 503 formal responses. Seriously, if the blogosphere wants to change the world, it needs to direct people to respond to those…

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Response to Government P2P Consultation

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Dear Sir, This is my response to your consultation “Consultation on Legislation to Address Illicit P2P File-Sharing“. I believe that the paper “GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON THE PROPOSED P2P FILE-SHARING LEGISLATION” is dangerously flawed. In this response, I shall outline four general areas of concern. Practical, Philosophical, Technical and Cultural. I also will provide a series…

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VoteUK – Some Minor Setbacks

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One of the problems with creating a service which deals with elections, is that boundaries change.  One year you might be in the Electoral Constituency of Woking, the next year it might be Guildford.  Boundaries have to shift in order to keep each MP with roughly the same number of constituents. The work to determine…

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Government Statement on the Proposed P2P File-Sharing Legislation

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Like many people, I’m upset with the direction the Government has taken with regard to “ilicit P2P file sharing”. They’ve released a document entitled GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON THE PROPOSED P2P FILE-SHARING LEGISLATION.  It’s only 5 pages long, I really suggest you read it. Being part of a democracy means you’re allowed to talk to the…

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Why "Raw Data Now" Could Fail…

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Tim Berners-Lee has made a call for governments to open up their data. Indeed, Tim’s been appointed by the UK government to do just that. His central thesis is that we, the taxpayers, have paid for government research and data – we should be able to access it. Easy, free and unfettered access to raw,…

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