London - As Though I Had Never Seen It Before

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In the last week, I've played two ARGs around London. Using Alternate / Augmented Reality is an amazing way to discover - or rediscover - a city. The Real Game This is still in "beta" so I can't say too much about it. It's a spy game with a twist. You and your partner race… Continue reading →

Armadillo Roll - Open GL Game for Android

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Feast your eyes on these beauties. Amarillo Roll is a 3D game in the same style as Super Monkey Ball. You tip your phone to move the armadillo around the course. The graphics are stunning. Reminiscent of early Xbox games. The one thing the photos don't do is convey the speed of gameplay - it's… Continue reading →

Prime - My New Addiction

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My new gaming addiction is Prime by 59Pixels. The premise is very simple.  There are blocks bouncing around the screen. You have a limited number of shots to remove a set number of them. Each shot creates an explosion which, if it touches another block, causes that to explode. This can cause a helpful chain… Continue reading →

Letter to Sega Magazine

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Another necropost! My brother and I sent in loads of video-game tips to Sega Magazine in the hope that they would be published and, thus, immortalise us.I've no idea if this one ever made it - but it survived on an old backup disk, so I'm republishing it in the hope someone will appreciate these… Continue reading →