What is the "Servant Economy"?

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Screenshot from the FT. "Farewell to the servant economy ‘On-demand’ services might have made people feel wealthy, but now the model is in jeopardy."

With the collapse of VC subsidised convenience firms - for example instant grocery delivery apps - the modern world is facing a minor meltdown. No more biscuits on demand! No more cheap drivers at your beck and call! Calamity! Some have dubbed this The End of the Servant Economy. Perhaps it is. But what do […]

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Do Newspapers Get The (Mobile) Web?

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I've written before about how newspapers are reacting to the changing media landscape. Every so often, I spy something that reminds me just how far they need to go in order to fully "get" the web. This latest example is from the Financial Times. I have huge admiration for the FT. Their reporting is usually […]

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Mobile Badvertising: Capgemini

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If you're the sort of person who reads the Financial Times, you probably already have a good idea of who Capgemini are and what they do. That's just as well because their advert is almost illegible. Take a look. Lest you think I've been monkeying around with screensizes, let me assure you that the image […]

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Mobile Newspapers

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When I was a student, I had a brilliant idea.  Why not have a stand at every train station where you could sync your Palm Pilot with the latest news? Insert a pound in the slot, press the button for The Times, aim your handheld's IrDA at the blinking light and ZAP! All the latest […]

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