Comparing Solar Panel Generation - East/West split

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A graph of two solar generators. Both are fairly even.

We have just installed solar panels on our house in London. We also had panels on our old house in Oxford. How do they compare? Oxford London Latitude 51.753738 51.486880 Panel Size 4000 Watts 5040 Watts Orientation South East/West Split Obviously, it's hard to compare exact weather conditions - lower temperature makes for more efficient…

Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 5 - Getting data out of Fronius Solarweb

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A big grey box with lots of wires coming out of it.

Mostly notes to myself. My solar panels have an open API. But it's only available if I'm on the same network as the Fronius inverter. I can connect my system to so I can access it anywhere in the world - if I have the right password. SolarWeb has an (optional) guest mode. You…

Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 4 - Dual String MPPT APIs

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Graph showing the difference between east and west panels.

I'm hooking my solar panels up to the Internet! Installation Inverter API & Code My solar panels have an API! It tells me the total amount of power they've generated each day. But there's a small problem... I have panels on the East and West sides of my roof. My solar inverter has two MPPT…

Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 3 - API & Code

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Solar Graph.

I'm hooking my solar panels up to Twitter! Installation Inverter Fronius provide a comprehensive API guide - I wish more companies did this. There are lots of unofficial libraries in a variety of different languages. I've written this code in Python3. This is a general tidy-up of the code I wrote several years ago. Here's…

Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 2 - Inverter

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A big grey box with lots of wires coming out of it.

Having solar panels on your roof is great - but you need something to turn their wicked DC electricity into pure and godly AC. This bit of kit is called an "inverter". It's a big box which lives in your roof working magic. This is what ours looks like: We chose a Fronius Primo inverter…