You Can’t Be Banned From The Houses of Parliament✱

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I was listening to the excellent RHLSTP – because I am one of the cool kids – when the guest, Richard Bacon, made a curious confession about his adventures bringing News Bunny to the State Opening of Parliament. I got a letter from Black Rod – who runs both houses […] and it says that…

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Free Our Postcodes

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VoteUK is no more.  In order to precisely show you where your electoral registration office was, I needed to take its postcode and covert it to latitude and longitude.  That’s the service Ernest Marples provided. A few days ago, the Post Office – in their infinite wisdom – set their legal dogs on those running…

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VoteUK – Some Minor Setbacks

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One of the problems with creating a service which deals with elections, is that boundaries change.  One year you might be in the Electoral Constituency of Woking, the next year it might be Guildford.  Boundaries have to shift in order to keep each MP with roughly the same number of constituents. The work to determine…

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